By showing your child more of the world, you are giving them more to think and dream about. By helping your child explore different ideas, places, animals, and plants, you provide a basis for the child to reach beyond themselves.
Help your child develop a sense of themselves and their own body. Children learn through the use of their whole body and need to move and experience their new knowledge physically.
Children seem born with the urge to create. Help your child explore the different meaning of creation in different mediums.
Teach your child to observe and make sense of the world through observation and experimentation.
Engage your child through touch, taste, smell, hearing, and vision. By using as many of five senses of the human body as possible in each lesson, we lay the groundwork for children to remember more of what they are learning. The more ways we can engage a child in a lesson, the more they will get out of it, and remember it.

Complete and Age-Appropriate

Developmentally appropriate for all children. Includes science, social studies, math, music, language arts, and hands-on projects. Each weekly lesson plan is based on a wonderful children’s book and simple themes to which children can relate.

Created by an OT

Created by an Occupational Therapist with 20 years of experience working with children in public school, homeschool, and private practice. The curriculum is specifically designed to engage children through all their senses.

Adaptable and Expandable

Works well for children with special needs, developmental delays, giftedness, or who are twice exceptional. It’s fun, easy to use, and gives you suggestions for how to add to or modify the plan to meet your child’s needs.