5 Fun Was To Improve Handwriting Without Writing Letters

The question of the Day: My child (4, 5, or 6 years old) is learning to write and struggling. What can I do to help? Learning to write is hard. Writing is a complex task. It requires muscle strength in the arm, wrist, and hand; visual perceptual skills; fine motor control; and hand-eye coordination. In…

Making letters fun!

My child needs to learn to write letters but isn’t interested in workbooks. What can I do? There are lots of great ways to teach and practice writing without actually writing. Here we explore a few ideas that teach letters with a multi-sensory approach.

What does an OT like to see in an Easter Basket?

What does a developmentally appropriate easter basket look like? I’ve outlined some great ideas of things for you to put in your child’s Easter Basket that makes the OT in me happy. It doesn’t have to be all chocolate and plastic eggs!

8 Reasons Why Swimming Lessons Should be Part of Your Summer!

Every kid should do swimming lessons whether they are typical, autistic, ADHD, learning different, active or a couch potato. Swimming lessons can save a life and swimming is a great, healthy hobby. But those aren’t why I am telling you to send your kid to lessons.  My reasons are all about what it does for…