Today is a hard day.

There isn’t a good reason for it. No one is sick or anything else that should make it a horrible day. But here I am, feeling burnt out and wondering why I chose to homeschool.

It has been a long school year. Some of the curricula I bought worked, some didn’t. I know my kids have learned things this year, that what I am doing is working. But I don’t feel it. I feel depressed and tired. My mind wants to settle on the things the kids can’t do instead of what they can.

One is struggling with reading. One is struggling with math. One is having such an intensely ADHD week that I just quit talking to that one for the day because it makes me tired.

I'm ready to call this school year DOA.

Our state requires testing, so we will struggle through that. But then we are done.

I’m lucky though. Even with their surly attitudes and ADHD, they will put up scores that will meet the state minimum standards. I know from years of doing this that the kid who struggles with reading will put up great math scores so the composite score looks “average” enough for the state. The reverse is true for the child struggling in math who is an excellent reader.

Thank goodness for asynchronous learning!

I don’t care if the scores are “good.” I just want to check the box and move on.

So, we will wrap up this school year.

Several curriculums are not complete and those can be picked back up when I’ve had a rest. We will finish the last few co-op classes and extracurricular classes that go with this school year. I will drag myself through them with a fake smile and a big cup of coffee.

And then it will be summer! Glorious summer! Summer, where I will shed my mom guilt and just live. We’ll go to the pool … or not. We’ll watch movies with no educational value. We’ll go visit family. We will take a vacation or a staycation and just live. I will remember that I do like these people who call me Mom.

So take heart, my dear homeschool mamas who are exhausted and wondering why you do this. Summer is coming! Take a break with me, sit in the sunshine and relax a while. You deserve it!

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