More than just a Homeschool Mom

When my children were babies I knew how to sit for long periods and just hold them, because that was what they needed. Crochet has helped me to remember how to just sit and be with my children even if they aren’t in my arms anymore. And it has given me a creative outlet to fuel my own personal growth.

Mom has ADHD! Oh My!

When my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD it forced me to take a look at my own life. I didn’t realize that I also have ADHD. Now that I know I am an adult with ADHD, I can see what struggles and gifts my neurodiversity has given me.

Magic Monday- Peru

Thank you to the Mama who sent us this picture. Her little boy is reading a book for the Orange Level Peru lesson. He loved the book for this lesson, Maria Had A Little Llama.

What’s wrong with screen time? Nothing…but…

My kids have learned all kinds of good things from screens, and I think video games can teach great problem-solving. So, I just don’t believe the hype about screen time being bad. However, I do have an issue with too much screen time.

Magic Monday- Oceans

Recently, my extended family took a vacation to the beach.  As long as we were there, I took the time to read my sweet little nephews the book from our Ocean Unit in the Orange Level Full-Year program, Rainbow Fish. I love this little book.

Does your child have symptoms of a learning disability? When to worry.

Are you worried about your child’s progress this year? How do you know if she is demonstrating symptoms of a learning disability? Is it time to worry? Knowing what learning disability symptoms to watch for can be overwhelming. It can be hard to know when to worry about a learning disability.