I just love apples, don’t you?

In the Level Orange: Full-Year program we spend an entire week on apples. We use apples to teach math, art, science, and language.  The wonderful thing about apples is that they are easy to obtain so your child can hold, touch, look at, smell and taste along with the lesson.  Every sense is engaged so that learning can take place.

This week a friend shared with us pictures of her son doing the apple stamping activity from the Apple lesson.

This little guy had some difficulty holding onto the apples for making the apple prints so they worked on finding a solution that would help him be successful.  First, they tried stabbing the apples with a fork, so that the apple would have a handle. This was somewhat helpful.  But what they found worked even better was using the apple stem as a handle for him to hold onto while stamping.

This was a challenging activity for this little guy, but he and his mom found a way for him to make his art on his terms and to strengthen his fingers while doing it!

What a wonderful example of how Five Senses Literature Lessons can work well for children who are developing in a non-typical way!


P.S. Are you using one of our programs and have pictures to share? We’d love to show them off in a future Magic Monday!  Contact us at fivesenseslearning@gmail.com to share pictures.

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