Thank you to our wonderful user who sent us these adorable pictures of her child’s exploration of our Autumn Unit. This unit is part of our Orange Level Curriculum.

Exploring the Magic of Autumn.

The Autumn Unit has a lesson on bears and hibernation as well as how birds migrate.   Exploring what the seasons are and what makes them special helps your child relate to the world. It also shows them that science takes place each day in the form of weather and climate. Leaf Rubbings are a wonderful way to work fine motor skills while learning about the cycle that trees go through each fall as they lose their leaves.

Have great moments you want to share?

Have you been using Five Senses Literature Lessons in your home? Do you have any great pictures of you and your child doing the activities in the curriculum? We would love to highlight them in a future Magic Mondays post. Please send them to us at

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