Winter is an amazing season to learn about!

In our Level Orange: Full-Year curriculum, you get the chance to play lots of hands-on games with your child while learning about weather, the North Pole, the South Pole, Penguins and Polar Bears!   After reading some great books, you can help your child act out what they learn. You and your child will explore the topics through suggested sensory play activities.

boy playing penguin #homeschool #homeschoolkindergarten  #5SLL #5sensesLL #neurodiversehomeschooling

In this sweet picture, the little boy is sitting on his egg just like a Daddy Penguin!

He is wearing his noise-canceling headphones that help him feel more in control while he plays. Because it is all written by an occupational therapist,  Five Senses Literature Lessons programs are designed to work well for children who are neurodiverse and have special sensory needs.

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