The very best part of launching Five Senses Literature Lessons has been hearing from the families who are using our products and finding success with them!  As an OT, I take special joy in seeing my programs used with children who needed the different type of program that I have written.

One family has recently just blown me away.  Kristine at AAC Modeling Family has been using our Orange level with her beautiful daughter and has been making videos to share.   AAC stands for Augmentative and Alternative Communication, and the devices like this are used by people who have trouble communicating with their voice.  These devices give the user a way to talk to their family and friends, even if they cannot use their own voice.

AAC Modeling Family is sharing YouTube videos with our Orange level books and demonstrating how to use an AAC device with the story to help children who are learning to use their AAC device.  You can use these videos with your child who uses an AAC device or show your abled child this other way of communicating so that they will know how to communicate with children who use an AAC device.

Check out the video for the Bears lesson here,

AAC Modeling Family and some fun they had with the Bears lesson from Five Senses Literature Lessons, Orange Level

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