How My Candy Crush Addiction is Helping Me Be A Better Homeschool Mom

Several years ago, I had an addiction to playing puzzle games, like CandyCrush, on my phone way too much. So, I deleted all the games and made myself start crocheting instead of gaming. But recently, I added a game like that back to my phone and it is helping me homeschool my kids better.

When Therapy Fails

There are two main reasons why therapy fails for most children. Both are things that can be addressed and corrected. Just because therapy is failing, doesn’t mean it is time to give up on it.

What do sick days look like when you homeschool?

Most of us remember exactly how we spent our sick days as children. I’ve thought about how my children will remember sick days when they are adults. The way I teach them to think about their bodies now, and how I show them they are cared for, is by establishing patterns they will have as adults.

Finding Balance with Neurodiverse Children

As adults, we talk about things being “balanced” a lot. We want balanced meals, work-life balance, etc. Balance is all about having just the right amount of something. For some, finding balance comes naturally. But for the person who is neurodiverse, this whole idea makes no sense. Here’s why.