Magic Monday — Trains!

This sweet little guy is making train tracks across a map of the US while doing the lesson on trains., a topic he loves!

BPSA — Scouting for All

BPSA is a scouting program that welcomes all kids to try traditional scouting skills. Our group has been an essential part of my children’s education. Let me tell you how…

Thank you for your struggles!

As my oldest child starts their first college class, I’m feeling stressed. Some teenagers seem to run towards adulthood, college, driving, and jobs with zest. Not my child. Yes, they want to take the class, but still, I am worried.

Magic Monday — Beautiful Books

Look at that smiling face!
This adorable student just got our curriculum and all the books that go with it! She can’t wait to jump into these beautiful picture books.

The Lying Liars of Homeschooling

I love following other homeschoolers on Instagram. I love pictures of books, projects, and crafts. Those sweet little faces playing, snuggling, and learning. And I love when they are honest about how it was a hard day. Too often, we blog, post, and Instagram to make ourselves and our lives look #Perfect!