Walnut Tree Infant Love Crayons Review

I am a fan of interesting crayons and helping children develop a proper grip before they start writing. Walnut Tree Infant Love’s Crayons are definitely interesting. When the company offered to send me a set to review, I agreed. Which one might be a fit for your child?

Homeschool Uniforms?

Do homeschoolers ever wear uniforms? Yes, sometimes, and there are several to choose from. As the principal and headteacher, you get to decide!

The Marriage Truck

I’m going to talk today about something that secular homeschoolers don’t discuss often—Marriage. This year marks my 20th wedding anniversary, so I’m going to pretend that it gives me the wisdom to share. Bear with me.

Sensory Tips and Tricks

While a sensory diet is essential for kids with Sensory Processing Disorder (or SPD), it is actually helpful for everyone. Helping your child get a variety of sensory inputs each day, can make them stronger, more alert, and happier. But, where should you start?

A Homeschooler’s New Year’s Resolutions

Homeschooling parents have a unique set of challenges. Balancing educational needs with creating good humans, all while not losing our own mind is hard. You have enough to do. So I am going to write your New Year’s Resolutions for you!