Should You Homeschool Online?

Just sitting your kid at the computer to homeschool is perhaps the most tempting offer there is after a hard day of lessons. But, is it right for your child? Is it a good fit for you, as an educator? Not necessarily. Every family is different, but here are some things to consider.

Homeschooling Through a Mental Health Crisis

So your child is struggling right now with anxiety, depression or another form of mental illness. Maybe you always homeschooled, or maybe this mental health crisis has led you to homeschool. Either way, here you are now, wondering what you do.

Homeschooling: Going all the way!

I’ll admit it, when I started homeschooling, I thought it was a temporary thing. I never thought we’d last. I am honestly amazed that we homeschooled all the way.

Reading, Writing and Spelling

After homeschooling 3 kids for over a dozen years, and working with many more, I can honestly tell you that the idea your child should be reading, writing and spelling all on a single “grade level” is a HUGE lie. Each of these skills is individual and develops in its own time and in its own way for each child.