Hear ye, Hear ye!  This is to announce our newest Green level program:  King Arthur and the Middle Ages!

Exploring this classic story.

We have designed our Green Level Unit Studies for students who are ready for short chapter books. The King Arthur legend is a classic story that comes up in literature and pop culture in many different ways. But some versions can be overly wordy or use outdated language. We chose this version, by Classic Starts, because it tells the story in simple language in a straightforward way. This makes the story easier for children to understand. The book tells all the famous stories about how Arthur pulled the sword from the stone, how he convinced the older nobles that he was the rightful king, how we won Guenivere’s heart, and about the loyalty and respect he held for his knights of the Round Table. It includes stories about Merlin and the knights on their adventures as well.

We bring our exploration to life with videos, hands-on projects, and engaging activities. All following the central theme of kings, castles, and knights!  This creates a unit study that teaches both real facts and classic literature!  All subjects are tied in including science, social studies, language arts, fine arts, and math!

Tried and Tested

As with all of our programs, we test the activities with children with a range of abilities and interests. The program has 50 activities to choose from with ideas of how to take the lessons further for children who are really interested in a given topic, or how to modify them for a child who needs it. Not every activity is a hit with every kid, but the range of activities gives you lots to explore.

Videos are short and engaging and made for children to answer their questions and spark their curiosity. Writing activities are short and give you lots of flexibility to support children for whom writing is challenging. Meanwhile, discussion topics give you lots of opportunities to have big conversations with your child in an age-appropriate way to build the skills for storytelling and argument building they need for writing essays in years to come.

Art projects, recipes, and physical games give you plenty of opportunities to keep the learning fun and multi-sensory. Your child is going to explore the Middle Ages and relate to the story of King Arthur through more than just the words on the page!

Bonus Unit on Castles!

We added a bonus unit for the book Castle by David Macaulay, a beautiful picture book that tells the story of building a castle in Wales. There are ten activities for this book that give you a chance to explore the history of Wales, the engineering of castle building, and more.

We hope you love it as much as we do!

Designed to work for students ages 8-12 with a variety of learning styles, this program will make a great addition to your school year! We hope you give it a try and let us know what you think.

Want to learn more about King Arthur and the Middle Ages?

You can learn more about our newest program on the King Arthur and the Middle Ages sale page.

About the Author

Laura Sowdon, OTR/L is an occupational therapist, writer, speaker, educator and creator of the Five Senses Literature Lessons homeschool curriculum. She has worked as an occupational therapist with children in public and private schools, as well as private practice. Laura has taught and managed homeschool co-ops as well as homeschooling her own three children. Laura is dedicated to the idea of educating children at a pace that aligns with brain and physical development milestones and respects neurodiversity in all its forms.

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