Card Games for Everyone – No Reading Required

If you are looking for a small gift for your family or a child in your life, you really can’t go wrong with a card game. Card games help kids develop hand-eye coordination and problem-solving. These are some games my family has enjoyed recently.

Functional Handwriting: When the Pencil hits the Paper

Do you have an older child or teen who struggles with writing? Do they refuse to do most assignments? Does a traditional writing program seem like a lost cause? If so, you are probably wondering how much you should worry about writing. You might be wondering what you can do besides give up. I have some suggestions.

Native American Heritage Month: Doing the Work

Several months ago, a Native American educator reached out to us about the Indigenous People of North America and Hawai’i program. She asked if I was open to feedback and I said yes. How could I not? I wrote this curriculum because I wanted to help my children, and yours, to learn more than I was ever taught.

Asking for Help – Parenting at Its Finest

“Can you help me?” might be the start of some of my best parenting moments. It lets my child see themselves as important. “Mom is asking me for help, not anyone else!” Using this phrase, my kids have attempted all kinds of new activities, knowing they had my support.

Irlen Syndrome: Diagnostic Testing for Glasses

Do you have a child who struggles with reading? If you feel like it might be “more than just dyslexia” you could be right. Irlen Syndrome is a condition that affects reading, writing, and sensory processing. It is suspected that 50% of students diagnosed with dyslexia have Irlen Syndrome.

Magic Monday: Lost Sea Adventure Field Trip

When one of our awesome users, Laura Bishop, said that she had taken her family to Lost Sea Adventures as a field trip to go with one of our programs, we first assumed her family was studying Wonderful World. However, it turns out that the Lost Sea Adventure park in Criaghead Caverns of Sweetwater, TN,…

Halloween at Home! No problem!

So, many of us won’t be doing our usual Halloween parties and Trick or Treating this year. However, that doesn’t mean that the holiday is canceled. It just means we need to find different ways to enjoy it.