Homeschooling the Anxious Child

When your child has anxiety, every part of life can be harder for them. As a homeschool teacher, learning to teach around anxiety is challenging. There are techniques, coping skills, and choices you can make, to help you anxious child do better with their homeschooling each day.

Should I homeschool through Summer?

New homeschoolers sometimes wonder if it is a good idea to homeschool through the summer. The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer to homeschooling. However, there are things to consider when making this decision.

Dyslexia and Homeschooling

Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects a person’s ability to read and can make homeschooling more challenging. I share some ideas for how to make your homeschool not all about your child’s dyslexia.

Announcing a NEW US History Program!

It is finally ready! The newest Yellow Level! More learning United States history through picture books and whole units that teach all subject areas!

Picking the Perfect Pet

There is a myth that homeschoolers all live on farms and have more pets than a respectable zoo. I would never be accused of having a zoo, but we have had several of the obligatory variety of pets. Here are some things that I have learned.

Happy Quarantine-aversary!

Welcome to March! It has now been a year for most of us since we felt like life was “normal.” We’ve now spent a year in this alternate reality where we wear masks, social distance, and work from home. Many of you are celebrating your first full year of homeschooling. Congratulations! It has been quite a year!

Black History Month: Book Ideas for Little Learners

Black History Month often focuses on learning about great Black heroes of American history. But learning history is complicated and requires context, which young children may not be ready for. I’ve put together a list of great picture books that depict Black children and families exploring the great outdoors.

Valentine’s Day for Homeschoolers 2021

Valentine’s Day might be my favorite homeschooling holiday. It doesn’t have the baggage of many other holidays, and if you homeschool you can do anything you want with it. I have a ton of lesson plans built around Valentine’s Day, both as an OT and as a homeschool mom. So, let me share a few ideas with you!

Keyboarding: When an OT teaches her own kids…

Learning to type can be a huge relief for students who struggle with handwriting assignments. However, learning typing isn’t as easy as putting your child in front of a computer program and walking away. Let me tell you about what I am, and am not, doing to teach my kids typing this semester.

Sensory Bins: Easy and Fun

Sensory bins are a way to set the stage for play for your child. They are easy to make and a fun way to play with your lesson theme for the month. And you probably already have most of what you need! Let me tell you how.