P.E. Sport Ball Activities Your Kids Should Do

Our kids get their P.E. time by taking classes in dance, swim, gymnastics, jujitsu, kickboxing, or yoga. Sometimes they join a youth sports team and try out soccer or softball. My kids have done those too. But this year, I’m also teaching a homeschool P.E. class just for them. What will I cover?

50 Reasons We Homeschool

Every homeschooler has their own set of reasons they have chosen homeschooling. I recently bragged there are probably 100 reasons we homeschool. I saw down to list them and came up with these as my first 50.

The Myth of a Rigorous Education

Have you seen the discussions in homeschool groups about how you need to find “rigorous programs” for your child? Have you fallen into the trap of worrying that your curriculum choice is a bad one because it is just too easy or fun? Why do homeschoolers get so excited about rigor? Is it ever good?

Organizing Your Kids

Every year, I start off the year with the goal to be more organized. Now that my kids are older, I want to find methods that also work for them. Learning how to organize themselves and keep up with their work will help them be successful in real life far more than many things kids…

Getting Organized: Family Calendar

Having a calendar for our family has been a staple of our homeschooling. My children take comfort in being able to go to the calendar and look for themselves to see what events we have coming up. Over the years we have had a few different systems. I think I found the right combination for this year!

Why We Read Bubble Gum Books

Do you consider the books you read a “guilty pleasure”? Do you worry the books your child reads don’t have enough “meat” to them? Today, I’m going to tell you why you need to let go of those negative feelings and why Bubble Gum Books are awesome for you and your child!

Sensory Teens: SPD and High Schoolers

Sensory Processing Disorder is one of the reasons we homeschool. My kids have struggled with having a sensory system that worked differently from birth. And those needs don’t magically go away at a certain age. Teens and adults can all have needs that require adjustments due to SPD.

Dutch Blitz, solitaire you play with friends!

If you’ve been around the homeschool world for any time at all, you’ve seen the game, Dutch Blitz. It seems to be in every catalog targeted at homeschoolers. Why? That’s what I decided to find out for all of us. I purchased for my family both the regular and expansion sets of the Dutch Blitz and took them for a spin.

Sensory Kids – The Struggle is Real

Sensory processing disorder makes life harder for both kids and parents. As an occupational therapist with two sensory kids, I have some great advice to share on how to cope!

Handwriting: Warm Up to the Work

How do I start a handwriting session with a child? With warm-ups that help the hand and eyes get ready to write! First, have your child pick up their pencil or crayon and make sure they are holding it correctly for writing. Kids who struggle or are younger may forget how to hold the pencil…