Dear 2019 Me,

I want to tell you about the changes to homeschooling that have happened in just a few years!  In a few short years, homeschooling has grown by leaps and bounds! Thousands if not millions more children are being homeschooled here in 2021!   Not only that, but the online resources have soared! There are online classes of all kinds for all ages! There are downloadable educational programs for pretty much anything your child wants to learn! Homeschooling companies are having trouble keeping up with demand, and printed books for several popular curricula were sold out for months last year!

Not only that, but every child in the world has been learning about infectious diseases and hand washing! The increased knowledge of immunology and viruses will undoubtedly create many future doctors! Plus, last year, we had the longest lasting election in US history, which means more education about how our government works for all the kids too!

The home part of homeschooling has taken on new meaning in the last  year. Families are spending more time at home together than ever in your lifetime! Hot Tip: all the craft supplies, board games and puzzles you never seem to have time for are going to finally find time to shine! Also, there are going to be more ways than you realize to do family movie night at home!

Past Me, The world is going to be changing quickly! Hang on!



P.S. Stock up on toilet paper and get a chest freezer. Just trust me!

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About the Author

Laura Sowdon, OTR/L is an occupational therapist, writer, speaker, educator and creator of the Five Senses Literature Lessons homeschool curriculum. She has worked as an occupational therapist with children in public and private schools, as well as private practice. Laura has taught and managed homeschool co-ops as well as homeschooling her own three children. Laura is dedicated to the idea of educating children at a pace that aligns with brain and physical development milestones and respects neurodiversity in all its forms.

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