Homeschooling: To desk or not to desk?

There is a divide in the homeschool world between parents who want their child to work at a desk and those whose kids work best when they can move around. What do I actually recommend as an occupational therapist?

The RV Trip: Super Field Trip or Not?

aking an RV vacation sounds fun, but is it? What are the pros and cons? Does it make field trips better or worse? Is it camping or not? Our family recently tried our first RV vacation this summer. I’m going to share what I learned, so you can all learn from my mistakes. Here goes!

Homeschooling the Anxious Child

When your child has anxiety, every part of life can be harder for them. As a homeschool teacher, learning to teach around anxiety is challenging. There are techniques, coping skills, and choices you can make, to help you anxious child do better with their homeschooling each day.