Dutch Blitz, solitaire you play with friends!

If you’ve been around the homeschool world for any time at all, you’ve seen the game, Dutch Blitz. It seems to be in every catalog targeted at homeschoolers. Why? That’s what I decided to find out for all of us. I purchased for my family both the regular and expansion sets of the Dutch Blitz and took them for a spin.

Sensory Kids – The Struggle is Real

Sensory processing disorder makes life harder for both kids and parents. As an occupational therapist with two sensory kids, I have some great advice to share on how to cope!

Handwriting: Warm Up to the Work

How do I start a handwriting session with a child? With warm-ups that help the hand and eyes get ready to write! First, have your child pick up their pencil or crayon and make sure they are holding it correctly for writing. Kids who struggle or are younger may forget how to hold the pencil…

Babies with SPD: How I survived

I became a mother after I became an occupational therapist, and my knowledge of sensory integration influenced my parenting from day one. Today, I’m going to share some of what I did with my babies when they were very small.

Including the Historically Excluded in Homeschool Education

Have you realized that the education you received excluded a lot of people? Have you had a moment of teaching your children history and wondered what the women of the time were doing? I have wondered why my public school education covered so little about Asia, Africa, and South America.