Our program, Foundations & Fundamentals, which was created to teach children the foundational skills of reading, writing, math, and more, has received a long-awaited update!

The newest version now includes more instruction to help you use the program. When you purchase the new Foundations & Fundamentals you will also get access to videos that demonstrate how to use our unique worksheets and how to create and use the letter pieces that make this program so unique. These two elements are part of the multi-sensory approach that makes Foundational & Fundamentals so special. Written by an Occupational Therapist with extensive training in teaching children to write, this program gives you the tools to teach handwriting in a way that works for children with learning challenges.

This update also includes an updated book list. We have removed books that did not have go-along activities. We also added a few books that our children love and that tie well to the phonics lesson for that week. While books are an important part of literacy, having books that are developmentally appropriate is essential. None of the recommended books for this program are chapter books. We instead focus on picture books that children can relate to. Every lesson includes books that relate to the phonics lesson and teach your child about the world around them.

We also added an improved example schedule to help you see how to use this program each week. Repetition and spreading out activities can help children better retail what they are learning each week, so we give an example of how to do that.

This update also includes additional activities in the areas of science, social studies, and motor development. These additional activities are part of why this program is more engaging than just learning letters. These activities are especially important for children who are struggling with either handwriting or phonics. While we want to teach those skills, it is important that children have fun and engaging learning activities that are not a struggle for them.

We are very proud of these updates and hope they make this program work even better for parents who want a different kind of homeschool program.

Do you want to see a sample?

Check out the store page for this program or download our sample lesson here!

About the Author

Laura Sowdon, OTR/L is an occupational therapist, writer, speaker, educator and creator of the Five Senses Literature Lessons homeschool curriculum. She has worked as an occupational therapist with children in public and private schools, as well as private practice. Laura has taught and managed homeschool co-ops as well as homeschooling her own three children. Laura is dedicated to the idea of educating children at a pace that aligns with brain and physical development milestones and respects neurodiversity in all its forms.

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