I keep seeing parents stressing about homeschooling science with their small child. While there is nothing wrong with studying science, there is something wrong with making it stressful. Science is all around us. Every day. Science is weather, dirt, plants, animals, and our own bodies. It doesn’t need to be in a book to be real science. So, in the interest of making life less stressful, here is a list of science things you can do with your kids today.

Dig a hole

Really. Get a shovel and let your kids dig a hole. It doesn’t matter if this is in your yard, your garden, or at the beach. When kids dig, they find things.

They find bugs and worms. That’s biology.

They find soil and rocks. That is geology.

They find roots and seeds. That’s botany.

If they dig deep enough, they will find that the soil changes and so do the other things.

Go on a Hike

A hike at the beach, in the woods, or pretty much anywhere is a great way for kids to learn science.

Go slowly and look for things. Discuss what you see.

Did you see any birds? That’s biology.

Trees, flowers, and mushrooms can lead to discussing the difference between plants and fungi.

Look for interesting rocks (more geology).

Stare at the clouds. That’s science, too!

Bake Cookies

Yes, this too is science. You combine unlike items to make a whole new thing! That’s chemistry!

So, if you can’t find a science program for your child, just relax. Give them a shovel and take them outside. It will be okay.

About the Author

Laura Sowdon, OTR/L is an occupational therapist, writer, speaker, educator and creator of the Five Senses Literature Lessons homeschool curriculum. She has worked as an occupational therapist with children in public and private schools, as well as private practice. Laura has taught and managed homeschool co-ops as well as homeschooling her own three children. Laura is dedicated to the idea of educating children at a pace that aligns with brain and physical development milestones and respects neurodiversity in all its forms.

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