Picking the Perfect Pet

There is a myth that homeschoolers all live on farms and have more pets than a respectable zoo. I would never be accused of having a zoo, but we have had several of the obligatory variety of pets. Here are some things that I have learned.

Lunch Lady Help! Turning Dinner into Lunch You Will Want to Eat! 

One of the challenges of staying home with your kids every single day, is that you have to keep feeding them. I love food, but even I get burned out on cooking every meal every day. And while I have no problem with throwing a good PB&J at them, I don’t want a sandwich every day.

Summer Fun – Cooking with Kids

As summer camps are closed this year, you may be wondering what to do with your child to mix things up. Cooking is one of my favorites activities to do with kids. There are some ways to change it up to make it more interesting as part of your summer fun.

Kanban your Kids: Chore Charts that Work 

Last week, I decided, again, that I needed a new way to tell the kids to do their chores. My husband thought a kanban board might help, so we gave it a try. Here is how we modified this business strategy to work in our home.

Home Buying as a Homeschooler

This past fall, my family bought a house. I had some things I wanted just because we homeschool. So, I present to you: The Homeschooler Checklist of Needs When House Hunting.

The Marriage Truck

I’m going to talk today about something that secular homeschoolers don’t discuss often—Marriage. This year marks my 20th wedding anniversary, so I’m going to pretend that it gives me the wisdom to share. Bear with me.

Homeschooling when Life Gets Hard

Homeschooling through major life events, new babies, illness or moving, can be challenging. Should you push through or change your routine? Advice from a veteran homeschool mom.

Self Care for Mama

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, I want to take a moment today to talk about self-care as a mom. I don’t mean spa days or girls weekends. Or that half an hour you take once a week to watch something on HBO. I mean real life, every day, not losing your mind.

Childhood Passions are Overrated

I’m tired of hearing parents talk about how they want their child to find their “passion in life.” They say this as though this one miraculous interest would save them from a lifetime of challenges. I don’t want my child to find a single driving passion in their young lives. I want them to find a passion for life.