A Homeschooler’s New Year’s Resolutions

Homeschooling parents have a unique set of challenges. Balancing educational needs with creating good humans, all while not losing our own mind is hard. You have enough to do. So I am going to write your New Year’s Resolutions for you!

Quick Question: What is copy work?

Copy work is mentioned in many places in the homeschooling world. It is even included in most Five Senses Literature Lessons programs. Copy work means you select a word, sentence, or passage from a book and have your child copy it. As an occupational therapist, I am a huge fan of copy work!

Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month, which makes it a wonderful time of year to teach your homeschooled child about Native Americans. If you are interested in celebrating Native American Heritage Month, here are some ideas you can do with your family.

How to Get a Great Music Education at Home

We all have seen the research that says teaching children music has amazing benefits. Therefore, most of us want to provide some music education in our homeschool. But how do we do that on a budget?

BPSA — Scouting for All

BPSA is a scouting program that welcomes all kids to try traditional scouting skills. Our group has been an essential part of my children’s education. Let me tell you how…

Is starting school a milestone?

Life is full of milestones, walking, talking, even getting married. We don’t do those at the exact same age, so why do we start school at the same age? Should we rethink educational milestones?

The Homeschooler at the County Fair

Competing in the country fair became a wonderful addition to our homeschool art program, and helped my kids learn to win and lose. I entered too so I could display the traits I was trying to teach.

Educating the Tortoise and the Hare at Home

Remember the story of the slow but steady Tortoise and the fast but lazy Hare? We are supposed to admire the tortoise’s persistence and admonish the rabbit for taking a rest, but is that the best way to see this lesson?

What is developmentally appropriate education for ages 3-7? 

Developmentally appropriate education is when a curriculum is designed to match what children are biologically—physically, mentally and emotionally—ready to learn. It meets children where they are, gives them plenty of play opportunities, and helps them grow and develop.