Bed Schooling

As homeschoolers, we can and do homeschool everywhere and anywhere. Sure, we all picture homeschooling at the kitchen table, or maybe in a separate room of the house. But that is just one way to homeschool. A few years ago, I went through some health issues and I ended up inventing “Bed schooling.”

Homeschooling for the Holidays

Are you on winter break yet? I hope so! Taking a break from normal routines helps you regroup and re-energize. Take a few weeks off during the winter. Make crafts, bake cookies, watch holiday movies and visit family. Those things are just as important as the school work we will pick up again in January. Heres why!

10 Things Every Homeschooled Kid is Getting For Christmas

It’s Christmas shopping time! That means it’s time to re-stock the school supplies and pass them off as gifts. Homeschooling families all need to stock up on the same essentials every Christmas. We just do. Here’s my list of gift ideas for every homeschool family. Look over my list and see. Is your family getting these 10 things this year? Be honest.

Overcoming Dyscalculia, One Day At a Time

When my daughter was in fourth grade, I realized that she has dyscalculia. To help her overcome her struggle, I had to learn a new way to teach math, one day at a time.

8 Tips for Homeschooling When Your Child Has Autism

Autism, or ASD, is a condition where your brain works differently. Each person with autism has a unique experience with it. However, I hope that I can offer some good ideas to make your homeschool days go better. Without further ado, my 8 tips for homeschooling when your child has Autism.

The Educational Philosophy Behind Five Senses Literature Lessons

If you’ve been around homeschooling any length of time, you’ve seen and heard about many different styles and philosophies. Perhaps you are wondering what is the educational philosophy of  Five Senses Literature Lessons? How does it fit together with what you know about other homeschool programs and their philosophy of education? At Five Senses Literature…

Adventures in Homeschooling — Raising Tadpoles!

“I have tadpoles in our kiddie pool. You know you are jealous,” posted one of my friends on Facebook a few years ago. And yes, I was jealous. Raising tadpoles is one of the quintessential homeschool science activities, right?

3 Ways Homeschooled Children Learn to Read and How to Help Them!

Homeschoolers have the luxury of learning to read at their own pace, in their own time, and in their own way. As a parent, you may wonder how this magical process will unfold. Will you need to work hard at it? It can be hard to tell but most children follow one of 3 patterns.

Why Teaching history through picture books works.

Starting with literature When I started writing the lessons that became the Orange Level curriculum, I thought that I could create lessons based on great picture books. I could have those lessons teach all the subjects! Social Studies, Science, History, Art, and Language Arts. Even Math. Along the way, I threw in lots of other…

5 Tips for New Homeschool Parents

Welcome to the ranks! You are joining a wonderful club of people who have chosen to take upon themselves to provide for their child’s education. This club is diverse. How and why every family homeschools are different, but there are some universal tips I want to give you to make your homeschool journey easier.