Why Teaching history through picture books works.

Starting with literature When I started writing the lessons that became the Orange Level curriculum, I thought that I could create lessons based on great picture books. I could have those lessons teach all the subjects! Social Studies, Science, History, Art, and Language Arts. Even Math. Along the way, I threw in lots of other… Read More

5 Tips for New Homeschool Parents

Welcome to the ranks! You are joining a wonderful club of people who have chosen to take upon themselves to provide for their child’s education. This club is diverse. How and why every family homeschools are different, but there are some universal tips I want to give you to make your homeschool journey easier.

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What Kindergarten Should Be

When kindergarten was invented in Germany, over 100 years ago, with tons of purposeful play with toys, songs, and games. The idea traveled to America, where “educational reform” changed it over and over again. Developmentally appropriate kindergarten has all but disappeared and our children are paying the price.

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10 Tips for the Homeschoool Mom with ADHD

I previously wrote about discovering that I have ADHD. My brain doesn’t work the same way that “normal” brains do. As a mom with ADHD, I wanted to take a minute to share some things I’ve learned over the years. 

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