Magic Monday: Penguins in Person!

What do you do when you are using our Orange Level: Wonderful World curriculum to learn about penguins, and there is an amazing aquarium nearby? You go see some penguins, of course!

Magic Monday- Airplanes

Happy Magic Monday! Take a look at this great field trip one of our families went on to the Kalamazoo Air Zoo. So exciting!

Magic Monday: Cahokia

Do you live near St. Louis? If so, there is an amazing field trip you can take to see the Mounds of Cahokia.

Magic Monday — AAC and Bears

Kristine at AAC Modeling Family has been using our Orange level with her beautiful daughter and has been making videos to share.   She is sharing YouTube videos with our Orange level books and demonstrating how to use an AAC device with the story to help children who are learning to use their AAC device.  

Magic Monday — Penguins

Winter is an amazing season to learn about! In our Level Orange: Full-Year curriculum, you get the chance to play lots of hands-on games with your child while learning about weather, the North Pole, the South Pole, Penguins and Polar Bears! 

Magic Monday — Ocean Field Trip Made Easy!

Not every field trip has to be exotic or cost money. In the Level Orange: Full-Year unit on Oceans, you can choose to take a field trip to an aquarium or beach. But if you are landlocked, take an easy trip to your local pet store!

Magic Monday: Bears and Leaves!

Thank you to our wonderful user who shared with us these great pictures of her child using our Level Orange: Full-Year curriculum. They are exploring our Autumn Unit where we learn about bears and leaves.

Magic Monday — Apples!

In the Level Orange: Full-Year program we spend an entire week on apples. We use apples to teach math, art, science, and language. The wonderful thing about apples is that they are easy to obtain so your child can hold, touch, look at, smell and taste along with the lesson.

Magic Monday- Peru

Thank you to the Mama who sent us this picture. Her little boy is reading a book for the Orange Level Peru lesson. He loved the book for this lesson, Maria Had A Little Llama.

Magic Monday- Oceans

Recently, my extended family took a vacation to the beach.  As long as we were there, I took the time to read my sweet little nephews the book from our Ocean Unit in the Orange Level Full-Year program, Rainbow Fish. I love this little book.