Role Playing Games: When You Don’t Want a Dungeon

Is your child asking to play an RPG (role playing game)? Do you like the idea but aren’t a dungeon master? Trust me, I understand. Role Playing Games can be great to explore story development, character building, and problem solving. But they can can be intimidating to learn. So what games can you play instead?

Tools Instead of Toys

Toys are great. Toys can give your child a chance to develop mentally, physically, and emotionally. But sometimes you want to actually DO something instead of pretend to do something. That’s where kid-sized tools come in.

Puzzles: More than Meets the Eye

As both an OT and a parent, I am a fan of puzzles. Every time you work on a puzzle you are using logic, reasoning, and visual perceptual skills while also using some fine motor skills to put the pieces into place. Here is the progression of puzzle working and how to choose the right one for your child.

Doll Play: For Boys and Girls!

I am a huge fan of dolls as part of imaginative play. A doll can allow a child to pretend to be an adult or older sibling. Dolls can also be friends and participate in adventures. I have some tips and things to look for when picking a doll for a child in your life.

Card Games for Everyone – No Reading Required

If you are looking for a small gift for your family or a child in your life, you really can’t go wrong with a card game. Card games help kids develop hand-eye coordination and problem-solving. These are some games my family has enjoyed recently.

Sensory Needs? Install a swing!

Are your kids missing all the playgrounds? Mine are! Our typical homeschool week tends to include visits to playgrounds. My kids particularly love swinging. But our current situation requires we find ways at home to fill that need.

Walnut Tree Infant Love Crayons Review

I am a fan of interesting crayons and helping children develop a proper grip before they start writing. Walnut Tree Infant Love’s Crayons are definitely interesting. When the company offered to send me a set to review, I agreed. Which one might be a fit for your child?

My Favorite Toys — Bop It!

I have a new favorite toy for homeschooling. It gives my kid great sensory input and a fun brain break. Check out why I love Bop It!

My Favorite Toys for Imaginative Play

Imaginative play is one of the most important forms of play for children ages 3-7. While using their imaginations, children learn how to interact with the world and other people. They can problem solve, explore emotional issues, and develop cognitive skills. Here are some of my favorite toys for imaginative play.

My Favorite Toys — Water WOW! Water Painting Set

In the quest to help children develop the skills needed to start learning to write, this toy is a surprising win! WOW Water Painting sets by Melissa and Doug are great for building hand strength and practicing good pencil grip.