Happy Quarantine-aversary!

Welcome to March! It has now been a year for most of us since we felt like life was “normal.” We’ve now spent a year in this alternate reality where we wear masks, social distance, and work from home. Many of you are celebrating your first full year of homeschooling. Congratulations! It has been quite a year!

2020 Year End Review

Are you doing a year-end review this year? Or just burning your planner in a bonfire? It was a hard year for so many of us for so many reasons. But I am going to choose to look for the successes. Because even in a hard year, some things went right.

Being Grateful

About 10 years ago, I was working part-time and we had a sitter who came to the house to keep my kids while I worked. One December day she decided to warn my son, who was 3, that he “Better be good or Santa will bring you coal for Christmas.” My son didn’t respond the way the sitter expected.

The Mother of Thanksgiving

Our story begins in 1846, not with Pilgrims and Plymouth but with a single woman. Sarah Josepha Hale was a writer, editor, and mother. And she is the person responsible for making Thanksgiving a national holiday. Let’s back up just a tiny bit and learn about where Thanksgiving comes from.

End of Year Review — 2019

As we wrap up another year, I’m going to take a minute to think back on what this year brought. 2019 was a complicated year with some highs and lows, and I’m feeling good that it is over.

Homeschool Mom, Are you Okay?

Hey, Homeschool Mom, I want to talk to you for a minute, about you. Usually, we talk about your kids, your homeschool, all those things that are taking up your entire life. But those things aren’t all of you.

The Lying Liars of Homeschooling

I love following other homeschoolers on Instagram. I love pictures of books, projects, and crafts. Those sweet little faces playing, snuggling, and learning. And I love when they are honest about how it was a hard day. Too often, we blog, post, and Instagram to make ourselves and our lives look #Perfect!

Third kids are the Bomb!

A dear friend just had her third child, and while congratulating her, I told her repeatedly that third kids are the best.  And I really believe that. I also say that they should come with a clown nose. Because you are in the circus now and you gotta start juggling!

Conference Season 2019

As I wrap up my conferences for 2019, I’m reflecting on this new thing I’m doing. Before starting 5SLL, I had attended homeschool conferences and conventions of all different sizes. This was my first year as a vendor and speaker.