As an occupational therapist, I have a passion for educational materials that work for all children, regardless of their labels or lack of them. I want children to experience learning with their whole bodies. I want them to not only hear about something but taste it, feel it, talk about it and wonder about it beyond what they were shown. I do not believe that learning about history, science, art or language should hinge on how well a child can read or write. I believe that learning takes place best when it is organic. When a single lesson stretches to cover a wide range of topics. I believe that science should be taught alongside history so that every story we use to teach, teaches as much as possible. I believe that learning should be as fun and engaging as possible so that both teacher and child enjoy their school time. All of these beliefs are the foundation for all of the programs offered by Five Senses Literature Lessons.

Five Senses Literature Lessons are designed to give children a deep knowledge base as they use their entire bodies to experience the lesson. Social studies and science are the basis of human knowledge. I believe in giving children as much knowledge as possible about their world so that they develop a knowledge base to work from. This way, they will be ready to learn anything that interests them. I also believe in developing skills when a child is ready. The lesson topics in every Five Senses Literature Lesson program emphasize history, social studies, and science while reading great literature. Five Senses Literature Lessons programs emphasize communication skills which are the foundation of language arts. They provide numerous activities to develop life skills, which are neglected in other curriculums. These integrated lessons make it easy to teach many subject areas without a separate curriculum. There are hands-on activities that are chosen to help children develop skills in math and writing. However, children are designed to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic when their brains and bodies are ready, while these programs offer opportunities to use those skills, I recommend you supplement your child’s education in those areas to meet their individual needs.

Because I believe that children deserve the best possible education, Five Senses Literature Lessons will cover topics in both science and religion. Children deserve to learn the most up to date science theories that we can present and those are included in our lessons. Lessons also include literature with people of various faiths and religions as well as stories from various mythologies. Each of these stories is presented with respect. Learning about the wide variety of cultures, religions, and beliefs of other people helps children develop empathy as well as knowledge.

My hope is that Five Senses Literature Lessons will give you a low stress, engaging homeschooling experience that helps your child grow physically, mentally, and socially.

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