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Each of the products listed below is in our Orange Level. All our products are PDF documents that you can download to your computer or device of your choice once you purchase. The PDFs are full color and include links to videos and websites for additional resources as well as an appendix with all your worksheets and printouts you’ll need for each program.

Not sure which level is right for your child? Take a look at our FAQ page where we discuss the differences in the levels and how to choose the right one.

The Wonderful World curriculum is an all-in-one program for young children. If your child enjoys picture books and is ready for some adult-directed learning, this is the program for you.  Every lesson has several hands-on activities covering many different subjects that will help your child gain life skills and learn about the world around them.

Foundations & Fundamentals is a complete curriculum designed to teach young children handwriting, phonics, math, colors, and shapes.  Through beautiful picture books, fun rhymes, hands-on activities, and games, you and your child will learn about each letter, both its form and sound. You’ll also explore social skills, cooking, science and so much more.

The Foundations & Fundamentals program requires both the Teacher’s Guide and a Student Workbook. There are three different Student Workbooks to choose from, based on your child’s needs. All three options include the letter pieces templates, handwriting pages, phonics book pages, number pages, shape templates, recipe cards, and graphs or other worksheets for the different activities in each lesson. The workbooks are organized by lesson with the pages presented in the order they would be used to make everything easy to find when you need it.

Tangerine is our Student Workbook for right-handed learners. The handwriting pages are designed to support a right-handed child to learn to form the letters correctly.

Apricot is our Student Workbook for left-handed learners. The handwriting pages are designed to support a left-handed child to learn to form the letters correctly. The directionality of several letters is changed to help the left-handed child develop more natural and legible handwriting. Part of why left-handed children struggle with writing is that they are forced to use workbooks designed for right-handed children. This means that often small motions in writing are harder for them than their right-handed counterparts. The left-handed workbook is designed to minimize that challenge and to change directionality on several small strokes in the writing process.

Coming Soon!

Pumpkin is our Student Workbook for children with low vision or fine motor delays. This workbook has pages for writing the letters larger when it comes to handwriting, much larger. Your child will work on writing the letters at a full page size by tracing our “Circle-Arrow-Square” letters and then work on making them smaller on other provided worksheets. However, the writing all stays much larger than the writing lines used in the other workbooks. Every lesson and activity is included in the Low Vision Workbooks, they are simply made differently to help your child learn. The worksheets have bolder lines and fonts so that your child will have an easier time using this program than others. The Pumpkin Workbook may also be appropriate for children with significant motor delays who are ready to begin their journey with letters and numbers.

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