The Foundations & Fundamentals program requires both the Teacher’s Guide and a Student Workbook. There are three different Student Workbooks to choose from, based on your child’s needs. All three options include the letter pieces templates, handwriting pages, phonics book pages, number pages, shape templates, recipe cards, and graphs or other worksheets for the different activities in each lesson. The workbooks are organized by lesson with the pages presented in the order they would be used to make everything easy to find when you need it.

The Student Workbook is designed to be printed and used as worksheets with your child. We recommend printing them as you go, just the set of pages you need for the week. Our clickable table of contents will allow you to go directly to the set you need for each lesson so that you can look through them and print just what you need for the day or week. Ultimately, we believe this will save you money as there is no reason to print anything you aren’t going to use. You also are unlikely to misplace your computer the same way your child could misplace their workbook, so this keeps you from spending too much time hunting for workbooks so you can do the next lesson. While we do recommend putting completed worksheets into an organized system, you can keep going with the program, even if your binder goes missing.

Tangerine Right-handed Learners

Tangerine is our Student Workbook for right-handed learners. The handwriting pages are designed to support a right-handed child to learn to form the letters correctly. The workbook includes all the pre-writing, handwriting practice, shape and number worksheets you need for the Foundations & Fundamentals program, along with the activity-specific worksheets and recipe pages.

The workbook is specifically formatted for children who are learning to write with their right hand. Therefore letters are formed in a “left-to-right” sequence which is most comfortable for right-handed children. The letters are designed to be easy to form, with simple shapes and minimal strokes, while also being easy to read.

Apricot — Left-handed Learners

Apricot is our Student Workbook for left-handed learners. The handwriting pages are designed to support a left-handed child to learn to form the letters correctly. The directionality of several letters is changed to help the left-handed child develop more natural and legible handwriting.

Part of why left-handed children struggle with writing is that they are forced to use workbooks designed for right-handed children. This means that often small motions in writing are harder for them than their right-handed counterparts. The left-handed workbook is designed to minimize that challenge and to change directionality on several small strokes in the writing process.

Pumpkin — Vision or Fine Motor Impaired Learners

Pumpkin is designed for children who have more significant impairments or delays in the areas of vision and/or motor control. The goal of handwriting in Tangerine and Apricot is for a child to learn to write all their capital letters on the 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide lines provided. If writing that small is not a reasonable goal for your child, then Pumpkin is a better choice for them.

Pumpkin offers handwriting worksheets in two different sizes with bold contrasting colors to help make the shapes easier to see. Pumpkin also includes large-format pre-writing pages and simplified, higher-contrast versions of other worksheets. Each child who will use the Pumpkin Workbook is unique with individual needs. Our goal is to help you find the right tools and methods for teaching your child in a way that makes the most sense for them. For some children, doing Pumpkin first, then later repeating the program with Apricot or Tangerine may be a good choice. To learn more about the Pumpkin Student Workbook and why we made it, check out our blog post.

Want to try it out first?

Sometimes you just need to give things a try before deciding. We understand and that’s why we have a sample lesson available for download. This sample includes pages from the Teacher Guide and all 3 work books. You can compare the workbook pages for Tangerine, Apricot and Pumpkin, to see which is the best fit for your child. This lesson focuses on the letters T and F, and is the second lesson in Foundations and Fundamentals.  Remember when you purchase, you will need both the Teacher Guide and the WorkBook to make the best use of our program.