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Each of the products listed below is in our Yellow Level. Yellow Units are ideal for children ages 6 – 10 who can listen appropriately to picture books. Children studying at the Yellow Level should be capable of engaging appropriately in discussions about historical figures and understand the difference between the present time and times long ago.

Not sure which level is right for your child? Take a look at our FAQ page where we discuss the differences in the levels and how to choose the right one. Five Senses Literature Lessons is dedicated to meeting children’s educational needs in a developmentally appropriate way. Therefore children may be ready for this program at different ages.

All our products are PDF documents that you can download to your computer or device of your choice once you purchase. The PDFs are full color and include links to videos and websites for additional resources as well as an appendix with all the worksheets and printouts you’ll need for each program.


The first offering in the Yellow Level is a picture book study of the Indigenous peoples of North America and Hawai‘i. The books in this program cover a wide range of people and cultures spanning centuries of history all across North America. Through hands-on activities and engaging lessons, you and your child will build a foundation of knowledge that will provide a deeper understanding of the history of the United States.


More learning United States history through picture books and unit studies that teach all subject areas! Starting with European explorers to North America and extending to about 1840, you and your child will be reading books and doing go-along activities to create a well-rounded education. Famous men and women, Native Americans, African Americans, and even a few children are featured in the biographies chosen to teach this time period. Your child will learn both well-known and lesser-known stories of history to help them have a deeper understanding of the many people who are part of the story of America.

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