One of the goals of the Five Senses Literature Lessons curriculum style is ease-of-use. When a curriculum calls for books or supplies that are hard to find, it makes homeschooling harder than it needs to be. The books used in the Five Senses Literature Lessons programs are specifically selected for their availability and accessibility in addition to their academic and literary qualities.


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Program-Specific Resource Lists

Each of our programs includes literature, hands-on activities, songs, and games. Most of the books should be available at your local public library. But in the case that they are not available, or you are interested in owning them, the resource pages for the individual programs have links to where the books can be purchased on Amazon. Links to the corresponding YouTube playlists, recommended supplies and add-on activities are also included. Select the resource page for the given program below.

Farms Unit Study — Level: Red

Click here to view the books and recommended supplies for this unit study.

Wonderful World — Level: Orange

Click here to view the books and recommended supplies for this full-year program.

Myths, legends and stories from before the arrival of Europeans in North America

American History — Indigenous People of North America and Hawai‘i — Level: Yellow

Click here to see the books highlighted in this program.

Children of the Longhouse Unit Study — Level: Green

Click here to view the books, resources and recommended supplies for this unit study.

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