Here you will find information on the books, resources, and supplies recommended for use with the Children of the Longhouse Unit Study — Level: Green.

Primary Resource

Children of the Longhouse by Joseph Bruchac
This is the chapter book the unit study is based on.

Children of the Longhouse
by Joseph Bruchac

YouTube PlayList

All of the YouTube videos referenced in this unit are collected into a single playlist on the Five Senses Literature Lessons YouTube channel. You can find it here.

Additional Resources

This coloring book is called out for use in a few activities in the unit study. It is optional but will be a great addition to the study, especially if your child enjoys coloring or studying plants. It is also strongly recommended for the child who needs some extra practice with fine motor control. Coloring helps build muscle control and strength in the hands.

The game, Wildcraft by Learning Herbs, is a fun way to build your child’s knowledge of herbs. It is recommended as a follow-up activity in one of the lessons and is a cooperative board game with little to no reading, making it fun for the entire family.

Optional Resources

These books are helpful with providing background on the Iroquois people, their myths and legends and way of life. These books are not required to complete the unit study but are a wonderful addition to the unit study experience.


The unit study calls for a few specific supplies. Ideally, you have most of these things in or around your home. But if not or you need some ideas of what will work for a given activity, here are some recommendations.

Small Dolls

One activity calls for building a longhouse for small dolls to demonstrate the community living style of the Iroquois people.  Many different types of dolls or toys will work so long as they are between one and three inches tall. Here are our suggestions for items that would work for this activity.


Any sort of wooden toy building block works well for the activity where these are called for. Here are a few of my favorite brands and styles.

Building Planks Set
by Brain Box

White Mug and Paint Markers

A simple, plain white ceramic mug works best for this activity. You might be able to find these at a dollar store or discount store. To ensure your child’s drawing doesn’t wash off, oil-based paint markers are best. Sharpie brand is recommended.

Knife for Carving

A pocket knife or other small woodworking knife is best for this activity. Please do not use a paring knife or other kitchen knives as it will dull the knife. If you are concerned about your child cutting themselves, a pair of cut-resistant gloves would be a good addition.

Lacrosse Equipment

An optional activity recommended in the unit study is to learn about and play lacrosse. Lacrosse uses a specific kind of stick with a net on one end. A used sportings good store is a great place to look for things like this.

Lacrosse Mini Set
by A&R Sports

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