Making Math Fun!

Math education has almost ruined math for more kids than we can count. Kids today are pushed to do math skills that their brains aren’t ready to do. So they think that they are bad at math when, in fact, they need to learn the way kids are supposed to learn. Through play!

How My Candy Crush Addiction is Helping Me Be A Better Homeschool Mom

Several years ago, I had an addiction to playing puzzle games, like CandyCrush, on my phone way too much. So, I deleted all the games and made myself start crocheting instead of gaming. But recently, I added a game like that back to my phone and it is helping me homeschool my kids better.

10 Things Every Homeschooled Kid is Getting For Christmas

It’s Christmas shopping time! That means it’s time to re-stock the school supplies and pass them off as gifts. Homeschooling families all need to stock up on the same essentials every Christmas. We just do. Here’s my list of gift ideas for every homeschool family. Look over my list and see. Is your family getting these 10 things this year? Be honest.

My Favorite Toys — Board Games for Problem Solving and Strategy

From an OT point of view, board and card games are the best. Games promote fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, planning, social skills, and problem-solving. However, as a mom, some games just aren’t fun for a wide range of ages. Here are my winners–games that work for kids (and adults) of all ages.

What’s wrong with screen time? Nothing…but…

My kids have learned all kinds of good things from screens, and I think video games can teach great problem-solving. So, I just don’t believe the hype about screen time being bad. However, I do have an issue with too much screen time.

Magic Mondays

Every Monday we want to take a moment to show you the magic that 5SLL is bringing to families! Egg Games Jennifer shared these pictures of her adorable kids doing activities from the Egg Unit!  Look at those black eggs!  Jennifer says that they are black to help the kids think about what is living…

What does an OT like to see in an Easter Basket?

What does a developmentally appropriate easter basket look like? I’ve outlined some great ideas of things for you to put in your child’s Easter Basket that makes the OT in me happy. It doesn’t have to be all chocolate and plastic eggs!