Summer Fun – Exercise

Normally, I don’t love the word “exercise.” It evokes thoughts of burpees and jogging—both things I will happily never do again. We have always had active summer plans. But, this summer, I am worried about my kids getting enough exercise. I need to make some new plans.

Summer Fun – Art Outside

Creating art is one way to get your child thinking, moving and doing in a different way than usual. Jump into the mess, but do it in the yard! Summer weather means that you can worry less about mess, by using outdoor spaces.

Summer Fun – Cooking with Kids

As summer camps are closed this year, you may be wondering what to do with your child to mix things up. Cooking is one of my favorites activities to do with kids. There are some ways to change it up to make it more interesting as part of your summer fun.

Magic Monday- Oceans

Recently, my extended family took a vacation to the beach.  As long as we were there, I took the time to read my sweet little nephews the book from our Ocean Unit in the Orange Level Full-Year program, Rainbow Fish. I love this little book.

Summer is coming

It has been a long school year. Some of the curricula I bought worked, some didn’t. I know my kids have learned things this year, that what I am doing is working. But I don’t feel it. I feel depressed and tired. My mind wants to settle on the things the kids can’t do instead of what they can. I am ready to call this school year done!