Magic Monday — AAC and Bears

Kristine at AAC Modeling Family has been using our Orange level with her beautiful daughter and has been making videos to share.   She is sharing YouTube videos with our Orange level books and demonstrating how to use an AAC device with the story to help children who are learning to use their AAC device.  

Magic Monday — Penguins

Winter is an amazing season to learn about! In our Level Orange: Full-Year curriculum, you get the chance to play lots of hands-on games with your child while learning about weather, the North Pole, the South Pole, Penguins and Polar Bears! 

Magic Monday: Bears and Leaves!

Thank you to our wonderful user who shared with us these great pictures of her child using our Level Orange: Full-Year curriculum. They are exploring our Autumn Unit where we learn about bears and leaves.

Magic Monday- Oceans

Recently, my extended family took a vacation to the beach.  As long as we were there, I took the time to read my sweet little nephews the book from our Ocean Unit in the Orange Level Full-Year program, Rainbow Fish. I love this little book.

Australia loves us! Homeschooling in Australia.

My biggest surprise so far from families using our Orange Level program are the families in Australia. Several of our Five Senses families are homeschooling in Australia. They are thrilled to have an option that works for them.  Because you can choose to start the Orange Level Year-Long Curriculum at any time of the year, the seasonal differences between the Northern and Sothern Hemisphere don’t matter!

Magic Monday – Books! Wonderful Books!

Here at 5SLL, we’ve worked hard to choose the best literature for our program. For us, this means that the books have a wide variety of publishing dates, themes, and styles. It also means that they are popular, easy to find, and have won awards.

Magic Monday!

Look at this lovely artwork from one of our happy families!  Another great use of Do-A-Dot markers – this time with our Egg Unit.  Do-A-Dot Markers are a great way for children with delayed fine motor skills to create art. But they are a great way to create graphs too! Thanks so much for sharing! …

Magic Monday – Art!

Happy Magic Monday! Time to see what magic our curriculum is creating in your home! This great work of art is a wombat created for our Australia Unit!  In this unit, we suggest learning about the dot art of the Aboriginal people of Australia. Do-A-Dot Markers made it much easier to make the dot art for…

Magic Monday – Japan

Sharing the Magic Look at this little guy enjoying our unit on Japan in the Orange year-long program from Five Senses Literature Lessons! Making the islands from playdough for his fine motor skills and enjoying the book I live in Toyko!  We just love seeing how this curriculum is creating magic in your home! Exploring…

Magic Mondays

Every Monday we want to take a moment to show you the magic that 5SLL is bringing to families! Egg Games Jennifer shared these pictures of her adorable kids doing activities from the Egg Unit!  Look at those black eggs!  Jennifer says that they are black to help the kids think about what is living…