The Educational Philosophy Behind Five Senses Literature Lessons

If you’ve been around homeschooling any length of time, you’ve seen and heard about many different styles and philosophies. Perhaps you are wondering what is the educational philosophy of  Five Senses Literature Lessons? How does it fit together with what you know about other homeschool programs and their philosophy of education? At Five Senses Literature… Read More

Why Teaching history through picture books works.

Starting with literature When I started writing the lessons that became the Orange Level curriculum, I thought that I could create lessons based on great picture books. I could have those lessons teach all the subjects! Social Studies, Science, History, Art, and Language Arts. Even Math. Along the way, I threw in lots of other… Read More

Happy Indigenous People’s Day!

Indigenous People’s Day has been celebrated in many states and cities across the US since 1990.  Other countries, including Canada and Brazil, have similar holidays on other days of the year. In honor of the holiday, we are having a sale all week!  All of our curricula are 15% off with code 5SLL2018 this week only.

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American History – Indigenous People of North America and Hawai‘i — Level: Yellow

The first unit available in the Level Yellow: American History program is a 14-lesson journey through the eyes of the indigenous people of North American and Hawai‘i. Using picture books, you and your child will explore the myths, legends, and ways of life of Native Americans, learn about real Native Americans and important historical events from the point of view of the people who lived through them. Each weekly lesson includes hands-on, age-appropriate activities to do with your child that cover a wide range of topics in a child-friendly manner.

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