I love the curriculum! It’s hard choosing something for younger children. Of course, we want to enrich their minds, but how much is too much or not enough? The idea of engaging the 5 senses to school is such a simple and natural idea. The planning work for the parent is minimal but has room for those who prefer to add extra. My daughter (almost 5) begs to do school with this curriculum. The stories and activities are all very thorough and will give any child a fun education. We didn’t start this curriculum at the beginning of the year, but my daughter was happy to start with autumn after the New Year. Especially since apples are the first topic introduced, her favorite. We also love bears! We may skip to a different section after, but that’s why this is great, the flexibility is there. We’ll repeat the curriculum next year, just adding a little more. The topics are interesting and I doubt a second year would bother anyone, especially since food is involved and field trips.