This curriculum has been a great addition to our homeschool. It was put in my lap just as I had given up on finding something appropriate for my five-year-old with learning and physical challenges. I needed something that was easy to pick-up-and-go and wasn’t too involved as I also have a 12-year-old homeschooling. I truly believe the best way to learn at this age is through exploration and play. This is our primary curriculum for our now six-year-old. The number of activities is just right for helping build new skills and understanding without overdoing it. A great selection of books is recommended in this curriculum. I tend to get the primary book suggested for each lesson, as a number of lessons are centered around the recommended book, then pull in related picture books from our extensive home library unless I can’t resist the additional recommendations. If you have a good library system, I think you will find many of these books there. Because this curriculum does not include writing and reading, which is mastered at a much wider range then traditional schools would have you believe, it can work for a variety of developmental levels, ages, and abilities. I highly recommend this curriculum especially if your child has any learning challenges.